Thursday, January 17, 2013

Granny's Curlers

A few months ago I acquired this wicked set of vintage Granny Curlers (not sure if that is the correct terminology but I like the sound of that!) and put them away in the back of the cupboard never knowing if I would actually use them.
Than along came today. I don't normally wash my hair in the morning but decided it was getting really grubby and needed to be done and every time I wash my hair in the morning I try to somehow curl my hair because hey! no matter what I do it cant look any worse than my hair normally does after washing it. Frizz everywhere! So last time I attempted this I tried pin curling by hand at it was disastrous! But I had faith in these curlers that have surely seen a lot of history in the making!

After my shower and washing my hair I towel dried it and put in some styling mouse and set to work on rolling up my hair. These little beauties are fabulous! They are plastic on the outside but wire on the inside and are so easy to use! Now if you haven't seen the pic of me with all my curlers in sporting a VERY orange play suit than please head on over to my Facebook page and check it out! It was quite the site!

After a few hours of being extremely patient I couldn't wait anymore.....
As you can see I get extremely excited my the smallest things......I don't get out enough! 

Now I really should of waited longer as I discovered it had not fully dried but I was really impressed with the outcome. After some (lots) of brushing and shaping here is what I ended up with...

 Not bad I think! I love the wave at the front. 

Headband by Sarsparilly

Now I should of waited until the hair was fully dried but i am terribly impatient when it comes to hairstyling. It makes me really regret not purchasing a vintage hairdryer kit I came across in an op shop a few weeks ago, it had the hair dryer with the hose and shower cap looking thing to dry your hair while styling..... Does that make sense? hahaha It was only $25 and had been checked by an electrician...... I am soooooo kicking myself now!

What do you guys think? Any tips or words of advice?

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