Monday, July 8, 2013

My Wish List And The Power Of Positive Thinking

there is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so. ~ Hamlet

If you are going to be sulking around all day thinking "I'm never going to have the money to buy that" or "I'm never going to be able to fit into that dress", than more than likely you never will! Positive thinking is an amazing power to own and so many things can be achieved just by changing your perspective on life. 

There is a movie and book out called The Secret and if you are interested to look into the power of positive thinking than I highly recommend you check it out! I have achieved many things in my life which I put down to positive thought, it may just be a coincidence but hey I would much rather walk around holding my head high and being happy/hopeful than moping around being sad about all the things I do not have. I know a few people who have a negative outlook on life and bad things always come to them, they only see and focus on the bad so that's exactly what occurs. Focus on the good and good things will happen. 

I find it helpful to make an inspiration/dream board of the things that you want in life. Whether it be a healthier you, a dream home, abundance or a holiday it always helps to see what you want everyday in a positive way and to imagine yourself with that object in your life. So I am putting together a wish list of all the things I would like to have so I can see it everyday and be positive that they will come to fruition. 

1: A laminate table and chairs in blue and cream.

2: A kitchenette, again in cream and blue.

3: A vintage caravan in blue and cream hahahaha are we seeing a recurring theme here????

4: Some blue Pyrex.

5: My ultimate dream is to live on a farm again

So you may be wondering why my wish list is all "things" and not wealth or fame. To be honest I am quite happy with my life at the moment, I have an amazing husband and children, we may not be rich but we are never without. I could lose a few kilos to be healthier but I love my curves and I love how my vintage style makes me feel, I finally feel beautiful after so many years of trying to "perfect" and change myself. I don't need to be a size 8 to feel beautiful and I don't need to be rich to feel fulfilled. I certainly do not want to be famous because I do things to please me and no one else. If you do things to please others than you are not living your own life, you are living everyone elses. Take the time out to discover what you want in life and who you want to be and start striving towards it! Be happy and be positive and good things will happen!

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