Monday, November 19, 2012

A Revelation!

The wonderful Miss Beccie Bombshell recently brought a great blog post to my attention. It is called What Makes Us Vintage Girls? and is part of The Musings And Adventures Of A Pinup Mama. This post really struck a chord with me, I have been trying to figure out where I fit in in the world of pinup. Am I Rockabilly? Am I vintage? Am I pinup? What am I? There are so many different takes on the vintage style and I was so focused on which category exactly i want to be and it was kind of starting to stress me out. I felt as though I needed to decide there and than what I was trying to achieve and than to go all out with it but after reading what Bunny had to say I instantly relaxed. 

Bunny delves into what it really is that makes us "vintage". Is it the amount of vintage clothes we own, the crafts we do or the hairstyles we master? We can ponder all day the different aspects there are in being a vintage girl but in the end it is what you want it to be. You need to sit down and think about what you truly want out of your vintage look/lifestyle. There is no need to take up knitting, bake the perfect sponge or spend hundreds on the perfect vintage gown. Not everyone back in the 50's could knit and I know for a fact that my mum was notorious for burning food and lets face facts many people were still recovering from the war, trying to make a living from the land and could not afford extravagant gowns. We need to be true to ourselves and our image, we are individual and need to concentrate on our own look. So where does that leave me?

Funnily enough I do my best thinking when I am at Zumba. I get into the music, the moves and my mind clears. So last night at Zumba I had my mind set on what I wanted from my new look, which brings me to why did I begin this in the first place? My answer to that is my mum.

My mum is the lovely lady on the left with her sister-in-law.
My mum was born in 1939 and married in 1960 so I truly believe that the 1950's were the years that shaped her into the woman she became and she was just so lovely. She passed away in March 2012 and it is only now 8 months later that I have been thinking about her past and where she came from. So I am embarking on this venture in her honour and because I really do love the look! Women knew how to dress back than, the outfits flattered their body's and they always looked stunning, so they must of known the secret to true beauty!
At this stage I am going to be looking into traditional vintage clothing and traditional hairstyles with maybe a modern pinup style here and there. Once I begin collecting the items I am after I will be recreating the looks my mum had. I have many photos to look over. I am just going to take it as it comes and see what I like, I'm not going to commit to one set look and I'm not going to let other peoples style bring me down, I am beautiful in my own way and my own style. I have always disappeared into the background and it is now time to be brave and stand out.
Oh and before you start doing the maths my mum was 48 when I was born...... I am a "change of life" baby and proud of 

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